The inside of the OckoContainer with washbasin and input station

The OckoContainer: The sustainable solution for disposing of
kitchen waste and food scraps


Whether in high-end gastronomy, taverns, canteens, or excursion restaurants, disposing of food scraps is an important issue in every hospitality establishment. No one can avoid potato skins, fish bones, bones, leaves, eggshells, and more, and even the most precisely measured portion may have some leftovers on the plate. However, with the OckoContainer, disposing of food scraps has never been easier, greener, and more cost-effective. Save time and disposal costs while acting sustainably!

This is made possible by an innovative collection system that allows for hygienic and efficient work at all times. No matter how busy your kitchen is or how much waste you have, your organic waste can be disposed of in significantly fewer steps. This allows you to quickly get back to the truly significant things in your kitchen routine. Additionally, the OckoContainer extends the intervals between food waste collections, reducing truck trips and lowering both disposal costs and CO2 emissions. Furthermore, the system does not require refrigeration, resulting in significantly lower energy consumption.

Illustration of the OckoContainer cycle

Dispose of food scraps effortlessly: This is how the OckoContainer works

With the OckoContainer, you no longer need separate containers for your gastronomy and commercial kitchen, in which kitchen waste is typically stored until the disposal company collects it. This also eliminates unpleasant side effects such as odour, pests, or mould spores. When using the OckoContainer for food scrap disposal, none of these are an issue. Through a homogenization process that takes place inside the input station, the various kitchen waste is transformed into a pulpy biomass. This process significantly reduces the volume of food scraps in most cases, making it incomparable to a traditional kitchen shredder.

Advantages of the OckoContainer

To make the mass flowable, the inherent water of the waste is utilized. If the consistency is not liquid enough, a very small amount of process water is added. In this form, the biomass is then transported to a collection container through a closed system. There, the wet waste can be stored odourlessly at room temperature. When the tank is full, this is detected by integrated sensors. We empty the container using a suction vehicle and transport your organic waste to one of our nearest biogas plants for disposal. There, the food scraps are energetically and materially utilized.


The BioMaster input station of the OckoContainer

BioMaster input station

Filling container in the rear part of the OckoContainer

Filling tank (total volume 6,000 litres)

Technology in the OckoContainer

Technology in the OckoContainer

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The complete solution for disposing of food scraps in your gastronomy establishment

With the OckoContainer, you get the all-inclusive package for effective, economical, and sustainable disposal of food scraps in your gastronomy establishment. The system includes the BioMaster input station from meiko Green Waste Solution, where food leftovers are disposed of and transformed into a homogeneous biomass. Upon request, the station can be combined with a skimming tank. The filling container is located in a separate chamber and has a total capacity of 6000 litres.

The disposal and utilization of the food scraps are just as simple as disposing of them. When the OckoContainer reaches a certain fill level, the integrated sensors notify us. Our specialized personnel then collect your accumulated kitchen waste without any odour emissions using a suction vehicle and transport the content to one of our biogas plants, where the biomass is ecologically and economically processed.

Exterior view of the OckoContainer

OckoContainer: Ready for use without much effort

To be able to use the OckoContainer, you don't need to make expensive structural changes in your kitchen. All it needs to work reliably is a power and water connection. If this is available, we can set up the container wherever it suits you best, such as outside, right next to your kitchen.


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