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BSN BioService Nord GmbH - the food waste disposer in Northern Germany.


As the disposer of organic resources in Northwest Germany, we, BSN BioService Nord GmbH, provide our customers with tailor-made disposal concepts. Our customers are companies in the gastronomy, food retail, and nutrition industry. We offer transport and recycling solutions for packaged (plastic, glass, can) and unpackaged food with our own biogas plants throughout Germany. Whether it's a garbage bin, pallet, container, or box, we offer efficient logistics solutions for every packaging form.

Disposal of food waste from gastronomy, food retail, and the food industry


We dispose of commercial food waste for our customers from the gastronomy, food retail, and food industry sectors - whether packaged or unpackaged. We provide all the services related to food waste disposal, including providing the containers, logistics, and recycling services. Our customers primarily include typical gastronomy businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and large kitchens. In addition, we also dispose of unsellable food products from food retailers such as supermarkets, discount stores, and more. For food retailers, we dispose of not only expired food products but also broken, overproduced, wrongly ordered, and misproduced items already shipped to the market. Additionally, we also dispose of and recycle defective and excess food products from the food industry, both packaged and unpackaged.

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We process both packaged and unpackaged food products with ease


Thanks to our depackaging system, we are able to fully utilize food waste and residues. All common packaging materials, including plastics, film, glass and cans, are handled by us. After the depackaging process, we are left with pure packaging materials and usable food products. The packaging materials are properly recycled, depending on their material type. For example, cans are collected separately and sent to a recycling service that cleans and shreds them before using the material as a precursor in the production of new cans. Glass packaging is collected as recycled glass, processed and used for new glass products. Plastic and film packaging elements are recycled in a similar process to PCR (post-consumer recycled) products and are used in the same way as materials from the yellow sack recycling process. The treated plastic particles from PCR recycled packaging materials have become highly sought-after commodities in the plastic industry. In contrast to packaging, we directly utilize the food products themselves. We process unpackaged food in our biogas plants located throughout Germany. The ingredients are turned into ecological biogas, which is then reused for energy purposes. A portion of this biogas is refined and fed into the natural gas pipeline, serving as a climate-neutral substitute for natural gas. Another portion is converted into electricity using cogeneration units and fed to the power grid. The resulting waste heat is used in different ways depending on location, such as drying wood or heating office buildings. The organic residue generated from food processing serves as sustainable fertilizer in agriculture.

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Diverse Gebindegrössen

Our Containers


Depending on customer needs, we offer a variety of container options. Our restaurant customers primarily use 240-liter and 120-liter trash bins (MGB) for food waste disposal. In addition, our restaurant customers use the OckoBox KD 90 for used cooking oil disposal. Grocery store customers also often use the MGB 240 and 120 or our OckoBox. In addition, in the grocery store industry, IBC containers or even pallets are used. Industrial customers typically use pallets for pre-packaged foods. All containers are cleaned and disinfected before being placed on the premises. Pallets with packaged foods are often delivered to us. We can also arrange for pickup, not only for packaged foods on pallets but also for unpackaged food. IBC containers are commonly used as a packaging solution for larger quantities. We also offer a pickup service with our tanker trucks for larger quantities.

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Catering, retail, and the OckoBox: Our barrel taxi on the move.


Our barrel taxi on the move. For customers in the catering and retail sectors, we offer a powerful transportation network throughout northern Germany. Our barrel taxi comes on a regular schedule determined by the customer to pick up full barrels and containers and exchange them with cleaned empty ones. Our friendly and knowledgeable truck drivers are also available to answer questions. Of course, you can also contact our office team or use our disposal app at any time, especially for additional pick-ups. For the retail sector, we also offer another service for their customers: the OckoBox. This box, along with a demonstrative banner, can be set up by any retail customer on their sales floor. Customers can easily deposit their used cooking oil in any available container, helping to protect the water supply and support ecological recycling methods.

Your contact person at our company

+49(0)4405-2380 000 |

We are available daily from Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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Industry: Ready for pick-up across Germany


Many industrial customers rely on us for the recycling of their food and residual materials. With our powerful transportation network across Germany and extensive locations at recycling plants, we offer industrial customers an ecological and economical waste disposal solution. We always work discreetly and flexibly. For containers, the industry mostly uses pallets for packaged food and IBCs or even pick-up trucks for unpackaged, liquid food. Of course, pickup is not only possible through our truck drivers, industrial customers can also deliver their residual materials themselves.

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The organic recycling plants - where do we bring the transported goods?


The transported goods of our customers go to our recycling plants, which are often equipped with a depackaging facility and a biogas plant depending on the location. Depending on the location of the customers and the packaging type, we use the nearest recycling plants with the corresponding capacity located throughout the entire country.

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Order your waste container now with the touch of a button


My Recycling App - provided by BioService Nord

  • Offers everything at a glance
  • including one-click
  • order creation and a detailed view

Procedure of the logistics and recycling process of food waste


The recycling process of collected or delivered residual materials follows a scheduled plan. The individual steps of recycling vary depending on the customer group and the type of packaging. Basically, the following steps are conceivable:

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  1. Transport of recyclable materials using tank trucks, barrel taxis, general cargo trucks, etc. to our recycling plants
  2. Unpacking of packaged food and proper disposal of packaging waste.
  3. Shredding of food waste and materials.
  4. Recycling of organic substances in the biogas plant to produce biogas.
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5. Processing of biogas and injection into the natural gas network or production of electricity from biogas and injection into the power grid.

6. Use of waste heat for wood drying, heating of residential and commercial buildings, etc.

7. Transportation of organics and low-energy residual materials from the biogas plant as fertilizer in agriculture.

8. Cleaning of barrels, containers, pallets, and tanks.

9. Adding the cleaned containers back into the pickup cycle.

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OckoBox for retail stores?

Your customers can now easily dispose of their used cooking oil in one of our barrels located inside the store. The oil will then be recycled in a climate-neutral way

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LKW Fahrer in LKW

Truck driver wanted - Join our team!


We are regularly recruiting truck drivers up to 7.5 tons and also seeking drivers for larger loads for our powerful fleet. Our employees benefit from performance-based pay and numerous social benefits. Due to our transportation network and close proximity to customers, our team members are mainly working in local transportation. So come join our team! You can find all currently available jobs within the entire Energiepark Heinfelde group by following this link. We also regularly offer job positions for dispatchers, office clerks, and more.

Zertifikate BioService Nord

Disposal certificates


We are fully certified. As a certified waste management company (EFB), we undergo regular internal and external audits. Of course, we have all necessary permits for the transport and disposal of food waste. In addition, we possess the EU certificate for used cooking oil and the KAT 3 approval. Since 2021, we can also demonstrate efficient sustainability certification with REDcert-EU. Click here for the corresponding verification certificate.

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We are part of the Energiepark Heinfelde Group


BSN Bioservice Nord GmbH is part of the Energiepark Heinfelde group, along with the following companies:

Firmenlogo PHL Transporte

PHL Transporte - the specialized transport company for loose food waste, organic materials, and industrial residual materials with a large fleet of tank trucks, sliding floor trucks, and dump trucks. Additionally, the company offers an agricultural nutrient exchange.

Firmenlogo PHL Substratkontor

PHL Substratkontor GmbH is a waste disposal and recycling specialist for biogas plants with a focus on loose, animal by-products and bio-waste, as well as operating waste fermentation plants and trading, drying, and disposal of iron sludge. In addition, PHL Substratkontor GmbH offers an industrial service, including consulting and operation management for biogas plants. Special services such as cleaning of sewage treatment plants and biogas plants complete their range of services

Firmenlogo PHL Entsorgung

PHL Entsorgung GmbH is the container service provider of the group. The provided containers for construction waste, old wood, residual waste, garden waste, mixed construction waste, foils, and the new rubble ComeBag serve as transportation for the subsequent recycling process.

Firmenlogo Altfett Verwertung West

The main activity of Altfettverwertung GmbH is the recycling and preparation of fats and oils for biodiesel production. The popular Ocko-Box for collecting used cooking oil from households at retail stores also belongs to Altfettverwertung GmbH.

Firmenlogo Navis Börger

Navis Börger is another biogas plant within the company network.

Firmenlogo Heinfelder Naturstrom

Heinfelder Naturstrom is responsible for the production of biogas from renewable raw materials.

Firmenlogo Heinfelder Bioenergie

Heinfelder Bioenergie is a biogas plant for the production of biogas from waste.


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